Brexit – Warning of Warehouse shortages

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If you have a requirement for storage space we have capacity available, we are ideally situated close to the A14 transport corridor. Call us with your inquiries on 01954 231957. New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it quite clear that he intends for the UK to leave the EU by 31 October 2019 and has […]

2019 World’s Fastest Automotive Speed Trials

Motor Cycle & Sidecar

The Southern  California Timing Association Sponsors of the World’s Fastest Automotive Speed Trials visit for the latest information and Merchandise This carefully dismantled vehicle in one of our custom design cases will soon be competing in the worlds fastest automotive speed trials having travelled in excess of 4,680 miles from the United kingdom first by Road to Liverpool then by […]

How to reduce your packaging carbon footprint for February and beyond

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As the dark mornings and evenings of January continue to reduce the cold February mornings see the beginning of an additional hour of sunlight slowly drawing out to 11 hours in March and an expected13 hours by the end of April. Why wait to reduce your carbon foot print with CED Packaging, with 216 Kg offset for January or equivalent to planting 7 […]

UK forwarders look forward to action on new Government industrial strategy

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The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has given a broad welcome to yesterday’s announcement by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that the Government intends to build an industrial strategy to deliver a high-skilled, competitive economy that benefits people throughout the country. Robert Keen, BIFA’s director general, says that the initiatives in the announcement should provide […]

Raw material price rise on wooden pallets and packaging

UK Sawmills

Sector surveys show impact of raw material price rise on woodenpallets and packaging The increasing cost of inputs, especially nails and wood, is causing a rise in the price of pallets and packaging, according to two recent surveys of the UK market.   For more information and full the story | timcon_press_release_january_2017

How to reduce your December carbon foot print

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November Sun… Reduce your carbon foot print with CED Packaging, with 514 Kg offset for November or equivalent to planting 13 trees. This month we replaced some of our traditional paper towels with bio hand dryers using the energy we generate; 1 more Month on our commitment to reusable energy for the manufacturing of packaging. #Solarenergy

CBI affirm UK exports highest rise since 2014

International Trade

Figures for the last quarter show that UK export orders rose for the first time in over a year. According to the latest CBI Quarterly Industrial Trends Survey, export orders rose to +8%, which is the highest balance recorded since the 16% recorded in April 2014. Source: Croner-i International Trade Julie Weller, International Trade Development […]

Reduce your carbon foot print

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September Sun… Reduce your carbon foot print with CED Packaging, with 1.32 tons carbon offset for September or equivalent to planting 34 trees.  12 Months on our commitment to reusable energy for the manufacturing of packaging continues to rise. #Solarenergy

post-Brexit 2 Year high for UK exports..

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Better news on the export front 1 September 2016 The latest CBI monthly Industrial Trends Survey sounds a reassuring note amidst some post-Brexit gloom with the survey of 505 firms showing that export order books have reached a two-year high. This suggests, the CBI said, that the depreciation of sterling since the end of last […]

Li-ion batteries banned on flights

Lithium Batteries

THE International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Governing Council has banned shipments of lithium ion (li-ion) batteries on passenger aircraft. The ban comes into force on 1 April and will continue until