Conflict Minerals Statement

Conflict Minerals Map

“Conflict Minerals” are those listed as columbite-tantalite, also known as coltan (from which TANTALUM is derived); cassiterite (TIN); GOLD; wolframite (TUNGSTEN), who’s mining origins are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, or its adjoining countries and cohorts.

CED Group Limited. takes its responsibilities of upholding the principals “CONFLICT MINERALS” most seriously and, wherever foreseeable, does not knowingly manufacture products that contain “CONFLICT MINERALS” sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its cohorts or surrounds, and not from any unapproved mineral smelters.

As part of our policy CED Group Limited. continues to work with our Suppliers to ensure that they also understand their responsibilities in undertaking suitable precautions through their own policies to eliminate the use of Conflict Minerals from their tier, and in turn, from the supplier tiers below them.

In the event that CED Group Limited. ever has reason to believe or suspects that it may have been supplied items containing Conflict Minerals, CED Group Limited. Will immediately cease the use and procurement of those items and will notify its customers in writing of this knowledge.

May 2023