2019 World’s Fastest Automotive Speed Trials

The Southern  California Timing Association

Sponsors of the World’s Fastest Automotive Speed Trials

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This carefully dismantled vehicle in one of our custom design cases will soon be competing in the worlds fastest automotive speed trials having travelled in excess of 4,680 miles from the United kingdom first by Road to Liverpool then by Sea to New York (currently tracking this consignment and container shipment due arrival  on 1 August 2019) before finally traveling the 2,170 miles to the great salt lakes of Utah.

On arrival in Wendover, Nevada not far from the Salt Lakes the vehicle will be carefully removed from its custom design protective case to be rebuilt in two days or less before testing begins and speed trials commence.

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We will be following Ian and his progress in the speed trials and hope to keep you updated; if you would like any additional information for packing or shipping of your own special project you know where we are.