UK Government stated in Brexit News

It will be a legal requirement for all wood packaging material leaving the UK to Europe to meet ISPM15 conformity.
The Export and Import of solid wood packaging.

This includes pallets, stillage’s, cases, boxes built from wood or including wood packing materials like wood wool used in hampers or wood dunnage/scrap wood.

This will be effective from 1st January 2021.

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Export and Import solid wood packaging

All wood packaging entering the UK from Europe must meet this same compliance.

For additional help and assistance whilst planning your wood packaging materials and avoiding exports complications, ask the professionals.

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Onsite Kiln Services

Our own Onsite Kiln Services, IPPC ISPM15 Certified and capable of Loading: 352 standard pallets for a fast turnaround.

Express Service available for time critical applications
Almost all timber products and packaging can be considered with a capacity suitable for the largest of items.

View some of our more specialist projects from wicca elephants exported to New Zealand to full size trees imported from China and manufactured from driftwood as works of art at Royal Academy – Lisson Gallery Click here ..

ISPM15 Protection of International Ecosystems

The global transport of wood packaging has an increased risk for pests to be found in untreated wood.

Left unchallenged this could not only endanger the tree population of a country it could threaten our whole ecosystem.

ISPM15 heat treatment carried out on timber packaging products is natural and environmentally friendly; it does not use any chemicals.

Heat treatment (HT) involves placing timber products in a container where the wood is subjected to a continued heat source.

The core temperature of the wood must reach a minimum of 56°C for a minimum 30 minutes. This eliminates all harmful organisms likely to attack standing plants.

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