UK Government stated in Brexit News

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It will be a legal requirement for all wood packaging material leaving the UK to Europe to meet ISPM15 conformity. The Export and Import of solid wood packaging. This includes pallets, stillage’s, cases, boxes built from wood or including wood packing materials like wood wool used in hampers or wood dunnage/scrap wood. This will be […]

Raw material price rise on wooden pallets and packaging

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Sector surveys show impact of raw material price rise on woodenpallets and packaging The increasing cost of inputs, especially nails and wood, is causing a rise in the price of pallets and packaging, according to two recent surveys of the UK market.   For more information and full the story | timcon_press_release_january_2017

Timber Report – Winter 2014

UK Sawmills

Any hopes that the rises in timber prices that the pallet and packaging industry had been experiencing from the summer of 2013 had finished were quickly dashed on recommencement after the Christmas shut down. 2014 began with the UK Sawmills imposing their greatest increases yet, with the upward movement continuing well into the spring period, […]